What is Ian's Party?:

Ian's Party is an annual music festival that preemptively celebrates the yearly accomplishments of Ian, spiritual leader, shit talker, and all around party dude. 3 days of 50+ bands, rappers, comedians, drag queens and pranksters to party with. At all the cool venues at six corners, Wicker Park. Ya dummy.

When wiLL the schedule get released?:

When we're ready. Probably around Friday December 15th 2018 9:53am or pm.

How does my band play Ian's Party?:

That's a good question.

Is Ian's Party all ages?:

No, 18 and over. Find a babysitter.

Where are the venues?:

I just told you. Wicker Park, Damen Blue Line area. Just look for all the joker's smoking outside.

How do I get there?:

That sounds like a you problem. Google it ya dingus.

Can I buy tickets to individual shows?:

Yeah, there is limited availability so get there early, venues fill up.

Can I be an Ian's Party Photographer/Videographer?:

uhh sure. You should have your own camera tho. Tag us on Instagram #IP18

How can I volunteer for Ian's Party?:

I don't know, hit up someone up. Internets.

Can I re-enter Ian's Party?

Yep, As long as you don't lose your wristbands.